"This is how grace works; it enters the soul, penetrates the heart, saturates the conscience, abides in the memory, affects the affections, gives understanding to the understanding, and imparts real life to the heart, which is the seat of life." Spurgeon

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dr. Blaston, MD

This is our eldest boy Blaston. At 13 years of age, Blaston hopes to be a medical doctor in Zambia. He is very smart and compassionate and we have every confidence he will achieve hi goals with God's help. Blaston was discovered through Camp Hope 3 years ago and has been at My Fathers House in Chongwe Village in Zambia since then. Blaston loves football, kites and playing with his friends and siblings at Village if hope. We praise God for how he cares for these guys!

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  1. You would have been, Will, the most amazing youth pastor, but God is still using you as such in the most remarkable ways. You have the greatest of the fruits of the spirit which is love and it is why as a Mom I love you so much. Mom2