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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exploring 5000 Years of History, Religion and Archeology


The Vatican is the world's smallest independent country. It is also home the the site where St. Peter was martyred upside down on a cross and St. Peter's basilica, the largest and most beautiful church in the world, contains St. Peter's tomb.

The second largest museum in the world, we walked over 5km's through the Vatican's collection of incredible 2000, 4000 and 6000 year old artifacts. Chariots from before Christ, nails used to crucify, bible fragments from the time of Christ (consistent with what our bibles have in them today), maps from antiquity and sculptures by Michelangelo, Raphael and all the greats.

It was exciting to compare the renaissance artwork at the Vatican to that of the London Museum.

To get to walk the very steps of the first Christ-followers has been exhilarating. We have also been working on our Italian while in the taxi - free lessons!

Gloria di Christo

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  1. With your background, you see things of value that others don't even begin to realize the value of - what a glorious trip!! In bible study yesterday, as I spoke of the things you have shared, every time I get so emotional that I think your trip is affecting everyone. You can take these experiences and do great things for the Kingdom. Even I am from your journaling - I can't imagine what you can do from actually experiencing in one trip such different cultures and so much history. Lots to think about and ponder - wow!!! Love you, Mom