"This is how grace works; it enters the soul, penetrates the heart, saturates the conscience, abides in the memory, affects the affections, gives understanding to the understanding, and imparts real life to the heart, which is the seat of life." Spurgeon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zurich Switzerland - Since 15BC

Founded by Romans in 15BC as "Turicum", Zurich is an historically significant and interesting city for many reasons. One is that it is where a number of awesome James Bond movie scenes have been shot. Its also where Ulrich Swingli helped lead the protestant revolution in Switzerland and Germany starting in 1519. Today, Zurich is one of the most prominent financial / banking centers of the world and often rated Europe's city with the "best quality of life", and also Europe's wealthiest city.

Still thinking about Dachau yesterday, we all did some reading today. Lex and Holly each read "The Boy with the Striped Pajamas" and highly recommend it. I read "Night" by Elie Wiesel. We did this along the Limnat River near Lake Zurich on a beautiful 74F day in old Zurich.

Pictured is Tommy "Mr. Chuggles" Gruver. If you look closely you can see Ulrich Zwingli's statue on the river Timmat just over TG's right bicep.

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  1. Any chance you can head over to Lucern - not far from Bern I don't think. In one setting you would see mountains, lakes and swans. My most beautiful place that I, Grandma has ever seen. Had my teeth checked by Chad Boger and was telling him all about your adventure. He was amazed!!! Love Mom