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Monday, August 29, 2011

River Rafting down The Saltzer River!

We just finished White water rafting with our awesome guides, Christoph and Max! We paddled for two hours in 10 degree celsius waters. We saw the entrance to the largest ice caves in the world above us in the mountain side. We passed the 1000 year old castle that was the passageway from Germany to Italy. The crusaders marched through this passage as well as the renaissance era traders.

The boys favorite part of the ride was when Christoph suggested we play a game. With all paddles up, the boys were told to stand and walk the edge of the raft going in opposite directions trying to balance while holding onto our paddles as they passed. Before a minute passed both boys were in the water laughing their heads off! Will fell in and threw poor Claire in!! It was great fun even though Holly and Saili never were in the river, they both were splashed enough to get a good chill from an "enemy raft" of boys who passed us.

Next stop....Munchen (Munich, Germany)


  1. Burrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! 10 degrees celsius is what fahrenheit? Mom

  2. River rafting down the Saltzer River did not come through - but there is a picture above under River ride photo - is that the same thing? Love Mom

  3. Dear Gruver family,
    We Elledge's, here in TX, are thoroughly enjoying all your posts! Thanks for doing this. What a trip of a lifetime!!!!