"This is how grace works; it enters the soul, penetrates the heart, saturates the conscience, abides in the memory, affects the affections, gives understanding to the understanding, and imparts real life to the heart, which is the seat of life." Spurgeon

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This was our meal served last night made by the Africans. It was delicious chicken and rice probably butchered that morning. Margaret, head of staff spoke to us all last night after worship about the work they have been doing at My Fathers House (referring to the homes built for widows who are paired with 9 or so orphans.) They are doing great great work here. Margaret introduced their first boy who came in as an orphan and has now graduated high school. Also we met a precious boy David, who came as 3 years old and is now 8 and doing well. The children sang to is with a 13 year old Talented singer leading! She wrote the song, Thank You Mama, which speaks of her gratefulness to the widow who has raised her ("mama") for giving her a chance to live. It was beautiful! These children are so amazing and the mamas as well. We will see them again this next Saturday.

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  1. I envisioned that they would be beautiful people with big hearts - those that have found Jesus, especially where there are no bibles - miracles will occur as the Lord would be speaking that way instead of through His Word.You probably will be witnessing much and you can continue to do great works to share it with us back here as people become apathetic and take what they have for granted back here. Your experiences will encourage believers. Love Mom and Grandma