"This is how grace works; it enters the soul, penetrates the heart, saturates the conscience, abides in the memory, affects the affections, gives understanding to the understanding, and imparts real life to the heart, which is the seat of life." Spurgeon

Friday, August 12, 2011

"What's a Tooth Brush?"

Will: Thanks to everyone who donated so generously, we were able to give out a lot of basic health, hygiene and basic medical supplies today. During all of the time we spent preparing to come to Zambia I never thought for a minute that I would need to tell 12 year olds how to brush teeth, apply neosporin and bandaids, etc. These guys were amazed and so incredibly grateful. We presented each child with a really cool youth study bible that has pictures and old and new testaments. Each of my kids hugged their new bible and ten hugged me. It was beautiful. I have never seen anyone cherish something more in my life and I will never forget it.

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